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 Workshops and Mantra Circle Sisterhood 

“Jnana Yoga” – Yoga of Wisdom 


What is A life without yoga? What is a life with yoga? 

 As we evolve ever so deeply and know our boundaries in our bodies there’s something more 

to explore - the inner yoga, the yoga of life, the yoga of aging, the yoga of wisdom. I dream that we will 

come together as a community of sisters, as women with a strong voice and women with strong faith. 

I invite us all to bring our voices together, singing prayers and resonnating in the wonder of that stillness. 


Yoga began as spiritual development practices to train the body and mind to self observe and 

become aware of one’s own nature. Yoga began as a mental practice to discover techniques 

and methods to decrease suffering and create more contentment, joy, and peace.  

Karma yoga is selfless service, Bhakti yoga is devotion, Raja yoga is meditation, Jnana yoga is wisdom 


Bhakti yoga involves surrendering to the Divine or uniting with the universal consciousness, 

through practices such as chanting, singing, dancing and selfless service within the community. In 

Sanskrit mantra literally means sound tool. Mantra is a tool of sound for the mind, one that brings 

about a healing and a meditative state. In Hinduism, mantras are said to invoke various powers, 

including that of the gods and goddesses. Combining music with mantra takes the practice to a higher

of meditation. Since reciting mantra can be difficult for non Sanskrit speakers, adding trance music to 

Mantras can help us better integrate into this transformative practice. 



Join our Monthly Mantra Circles: 


Reservations fee: $15 


Chakra Healing Workshops

Chakra means wheel of energy. The seven Main chakras are our doorways for life force energy called 

prana. Chakras are consciousness centers that transform energy and interface between the dense 

physical world of the five senses and the subtle world of pure consciousness.  The lotus petal indicates 

the frequency, vibration rate, and color of energy fields.

The Subtle Bodies

According to ancient Hindu teachings, the human being consists of many septal bodies. Through these 

sub two bodies and their inherent consciousness, we contain the entire universe and all of its levels. 

These bodies are the different vehicles of consciousness and the encasements for the inner being. 

Only the physical body is a body in the usual sense. The astral body has the same form as the 

physical but it’s made of subtle matter. The Causal/ Mental body is a body of light. Each body relates 

to a state of consciousness. Typical, the physical body is the waking state, the astral body is the dream 

state in the Causal body is the deep sleep state. The inner self corresponds to the fourth state –

the ever wakeful state of pure awareness.

Chart of the 7 chakras and their purpose

Muladhara Chakra/ Root Center/ below Genitals

Survival, security, primal energy. Relates to the earth element, governs all illuminations, the survival 

instinct, emotion and fears.

Savadhistana Chakra/Abode of Kundalini/ above Genitals

Relationships, sexuality, intimacy,. Relates to the water element, governs the sex instinct, the uro-

genital systems, the emotion desire.

Manipura Chakra/City of Gems/ Solar Plexus 

Desire, vitality, inner strength, self control. Corresponds to the element fire, governs the digestive system, 

the ego impulse, the emotion anger.

Anahata Chakra/Center of Unstuck Sounds/ Center of Chest

Love, forgiveness, compassion, self-esteem. The center of unstuck sounds of the subtle body. Air element 

the circularity system, the individualized soul, soul the emotion of love.

Vishuddha Chakra/Throat Area/Very pure

Creativity, speech, individual needs and will. The very pure. Relates to ether, the respiratory system, the 

higher intelligence, the power of communication.

Ajna Chakra/ between eyebrows/ Center of command Intuition, insight, psychic awareness, ESP.

The center of command. Relate to the mind, the individual self, the power of inner perception, and 

insight beyond the five senses.

Sahasrara Chakra/ above the Crown/ Head Center/Higher consciousness, enlightenment, inspiration. 

The head center, the thausand pedal Lotus. Corresponds to the Universal Self - the Divine Reality the 

power of consciousness.


Chakra Workshops

7 chakras, 7 weeks of deep healing: 

Recharging and Connecting with our true nature

Visualizing, Meditating, Manifesting our life purpose

 Releasing bad habits, clearing emotional baggage

Expressing creativity and feelings, harnessing energy

Iincludes Simple Yoga Asanas, Chants and liberating movement 

Learning tools to take charge of our mental and physical well-being

Progressing one by one through the seven chakras we practice exercises to 

release negative energy, freeing our channels from psychological and emotional 

spiritual debris of the past

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