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Shantaya was honored by the German 

Music Awards with a nomination as Best 

Female Vocalist In 2012 and is known for 

her pitch-perfect vocals and as an 

accomplished songwriter, musician, 

performance artist, and teacher.

Shantaya toured throughout Europe as the notable lead singer of an old-style rhythm and

blues band aptly named, Jenny Boneja & The Ballroom Shakers.


A new musical genre emerged through her study of Yoga, Meditation, and Sanskrit-chants.  

March 2015 Shantaya released her album Healing Mantra Unveil which facilitated prestigious 

invitations to Yoga Festivals where she performed with the Radiant Soulband Ari Marsh and Nandan David Powell and taught workshops. 


“I have found that singing and playing instruments are the Gateways to Heaven. The expansiveness of being present while performing with ‘no thought’ brings unparalleled peace and joy”


“Music, singing, yoga, and dancing are my life`s passion. The connection between breath, 

movement, voice, and presentation has shaped who I am in life today.”


“I derive great pleasure in sharing musical knowledge and my magical experiences in Europe, India, and the United States.” 

Performance for Live Events

Shantaya’s Musical style and approach crosses many styles both modern and classic and include beautiful ballads performed with piano. She creates evenings specifically tailored for mood and ambience and is available for dinner events, wedding ceremonies, art shows and a variety of celebrations. To book Shantaya contact her at

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Voice and piano lessons:

Shantaya teaches classical, rock, pop,and jazz singing as well as music theory and piano

and is availalbe to prepare students for auditions and speeches of all kinds.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):

All students and clients are offered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), an alternative treatment 

not just to relieve physical pain but is also a technique to open blocks that result in emotional distress, stage fright, anxiety, low self-esteem. 


For voice and piano lessons contact Shantaya at:

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Live Events

Live Events below

Everyone was relieved and happy.

Celebration vibe in the air ;)

Avery S. performing the song colors of the wind from Pocahontas.

She enchanted with her angel voice the audience, no doubt!

How high does the Sycamore (tree) grow? 

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