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Code of Ethics 

Respect is my duty to show a high regard for myself and my clients so we can commit on this journey to anothern confidence. This includes the willingness to stay open and trust in the process. It also includes money payments/ missed sessions from client will be paid, reputation and honoring each others time. 

– I listen to my clients and seeking understanding of their situation .

– I inform my clients to the highest good and offer new ideas,  tools and skills.

– I respect and honor my clients privacy, as in the same way I would like to be respected.


– My clients and I show commitment to improve their Life and goals and participate with an open mind.

– We communicate respectful with each other regardless of title or level.

– We work together toward the clients goal. 

– I will be honest, transparent and dedicated to help my clients on this journey and share information, skills and tools for their growth.


– I ensure that there is no discrimination towards or against any gender or beliefs. I am welcoming people from all backgrounds including members of any r    race, ethnicity, culture, class, orientation, education, age, size, family status, political or religious beliefs and mental and physical ability. 


– I protect each client and his/her right of privacy and confidentially with respect.

– Worksheets, materials or recordings are protected/copyright and not to be posted on social media, given to a third person or to be used on any websites.


– I recognize that my primary obligation is always to the client and agree to practice my coaching business to the best of my ability for my clients benefit. – – My clients comfort, welfare and health must always have priority.

– High degree of self- awareness and the ability to reflect critically on how values and opinions influence others.

– I am not engaging in sexual relationships/ Dating clients or anything along that nature.

– Do not engage in behavior that constitutes any form of abuse physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, bullying.

– I practice honesty in advertising and promote my service ethically and in good taste in practice and or advertise only those skills for which I have received    adequate training or certification.

– I provide service which is within the scope in the limits of my training. I will not employed techniques for which I have not had adequate training and share      represent my education, training qualification in ability honestly.

– Clarify the distinction between counseling and coaching. I do not diagnose, prescribe or provide any service, which requires a license to practice unless        specifically licensed to do.

– Dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as the attire suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice

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