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Born and raised in Germany, I spent most of my youth in the beautiful countryside of Franconia 

Switzerland, Bavaria. Here is where I developed a deep passion for music, dance and all of the arts.


But heartbreak, sadness and unfulfilled relationships overshadowed what should have been a magical 

youth. I was haunted by the feeling I did not belong. I had no faith, and believed God didn’t really exist, 

even though I was raised Catholic. Exhausted by my own tortured thoughts, I kept searching for answers and a sense of connection to something, anything. 


Alas, in 2004 I found my way to God after searching every where. My life was filled with ballet and 

music performances, expressions of what was happening deep within my soul. There were many 

episodes of small successes here and there, relationship dramas, and deep work within myself 

over many years.


At one point in time, I lived in India for two months in an ashram in an effort to connect deeper to spirit 

and find an answer the questions Who am I? What is my purpose? 


Also, I was fortunate to be part of an amazing and successful band touring Europe. We won awards for our songs and performances. 


And yet, my questions of self kept haunting me. I continuously wondered what the world would be without the glitter of the music world, beautiful clothes, wonderful songs and accolades from fans. 


Beginning yet another quest, I packed my favorite things in five boxes, let go everything else and moved to New Orleans where I studied yoga. After that, I moved to Florida where I taught many workshops on chakras, yoga, meditation and music.

After one and a half years in FL, I decided to continue my identity quest and move to Encinitas California where Paramahansa Yogananda wrote the Autobiography of a Yogi. I dreamed to be in the spot where he wrote such an amazing book. 


This dream came true.

I have lived in Encinitas for an amazing six years where my journey has been so fulfilling. I have studied EFT, taught music, facilitated workshops, taught yoga classes and finished a certification in holistic life coaching and mind body practice. My path has been uncertain and may have been scary at times but it is in the moment of the unknown when I am most creative.


My passion and quest today is to leverage the experiences and learning from my journey to help and inspire others who are searching.

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