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Relationship Coaching

Shantaya’s clients find trust and self-confidence having healed from challenging relationship experiences 

such break ups, unhappiness, unfulfilled relationships, or insecurity in relationships.


Shantaya’s clients learn to make healthy choices through self-observation leading to creating boundaries. 


Shantaya’s clients overcome loneliness, the feeling and the fear of being alone, the fear of 

dying alone, or the fear of never finding a partner in life. Shantaya’s clients learn the difference between 

loneliness and aloneness by developing tools and a pathway to create a loving relationship with self.


Transition Coach

Life is full of big moments: marriage, births, college, moves, divorce, empty nesting and more.

Some people struggle to cope with big life changes that can be scary and uprooting. Shantaya’s clients 

are guided through challenging transitions by the illumination of different perspectives that inspire joy and exhileration. My story tells of Shantaya’s personal journey of finding joy in diffiucult situations and dramatic shifts in life situations.


Personal Development Coach

Shantaya clients move from a stressful, hustling mentality to a calmly fulfilled life through the realization 

of personal develpoment goals. Some people go through periods of feeling blocked to move forward 

with personal development goals, causing stress and inaction. 

The Dalai Lama says 

Man sacrifices his health in order to make money, then 

sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he’s 

so anxious about the future he doesn’t enjoy the present. 

The result is he doesn’t live in the present or in the future. 

He lives as if he’s never going to die and then he dies 

having never really lived.

An award winning musician and singer becomes a holistic life coach

The moment is now. Not tomorrow, or yesterday or someday.
Right here, right now, this is your moment to shine.

Shantaya logo final-01_edited.png

Holistic Life Coaching Sessions - In person and Virtual

Week 1 

  • Objective: Making an old story to a new story.

  • Main message: your goal, improve mental well being, find a new direction, know we are our values and beliefs.

Week 2 

  •    Objective: get specific. 

  •    Main message: Your vision, guided meditation  

Week 3 

  •  Objective: Remove fear and limiting beliefs

  •  Main message: remove negative emotions

Week 4

  • Objective: Focus on cognitive psychology

  • Main message: Maintain behavioral coaching process that leads to powerful conversation toward desired goal 

Week 5

  • Objective:  Keep balance and fulfill needs

  • Main message: Be sure your inner needs are met 

Week 6

  • Objective: Facts about biology of belief

  • ,Main message: In rewriting beliefs we rewrite perception, then genes and then behaviors

Week 7 

  • Objective: Avoid, alter, adapt and accept. Avoid unnecessary stress, alter a situation, adapt to stressors, accept what we can’t change.

  • Main message: recognizing our triggers which helps us;  become aware of the root cause for stress

Week 8

  • Objective: Reviewing and dig deeper, ask powerful questions. Celebrate success,

  • Main message: Stay focused. Learn how to interrupt old patterns of thinking.

Week 9

  • Objective: Shape new goals

  • Main message: Where do you see yourself? Where do you want to be? Be sure of the new direction without feeling stuck or fearful.

Week 10

  • Objective: Adding  strategies

  • Main message: Adding new strategies for all areas of your life; feel more fearless and learn techniques for greater confidence.

Week 11

  • Objective: Neuroplasticity and rewiring your brain

  • Main message: fight or flight response. How does the brain process information, memory and learning in the context of change.

Week 12

  • Objective: Positive psychology

  • Main message: celebrate your progress, create the conditions and processes required to reach optimal human functioning


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Monica Schneider

I’m blown away with awe and happiness.  My experience with Shantaya has been transformative for me and I would recommend her to anyone who desires an insightful life coach to guide you towards your goals!!

SiriDev Tara

Shantaya is a powerful Life Coach. Throughout my life I have been in and out of therapy, never feeling as if I were getting anywhere with my “stuff”. I would talk a lot but had there was never any kind of lasting change. Finding Shantaya has been such a blessing. Immediately I felt really seen. She has an intuitive sense and her support has given me the tools and courage to make lasting change in my life. So many aspects of my life have improved. I am so grateful I found her. 

Tina W

Das Holistic Life Coaching bei Shantaya hat mir sehr geholfen aus einer schwierigen Lebenssituation heraus zu finden. Sie gab mir Einblicke in verschiedene Methoden und eine sehr gute Anleitung diese zu erlernen und selbständig durchzuführen. Sie hat mich auch ermutigt Neues auszuprobieren und mich darauf einzulassen. Es herrschte immer eine sehr angenehme Atmosphäre wärend des Coachings und ich bin Ihr sehr dankbar für die einfühlsame und herzliche Beratung. Tina

Yolanda Cooper

Shantaya Bonilla gave me the tools to set me up for success. We went over a few things and during the process of the coaching I uncovered a few hidden beliefs that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Just those few little tweaks gave me an awareness that I can now draw upon. The environment she created immediately put me in a relaxed state of mind and her voice and mannerisms put my mind at ease. Being a teacher comes natural for her and she’s very organized and remembers where we left off. If you’re looking for a strong and compassionate woman who will keep you accountable you have come to the right place. Let her guide you to your truest self.

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